Friday, September 24, 2010

what do you think about the don't ask don't tell policy for the military

the dont ask dont tell policy is basically  saying that if you are gay then dont say because if so then i guess you would get kicked out of the military ... personaly i think it is a bunch of bull crap we are supposed to be free but you cant be gay and in the military  butt then again thats just my opion what is yours ????

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

conterversey of insane clown posse !!!

There is alot of conterversey on the underground group icp . Many people think that they cause volince,and they are a gang because the call themselfs "jugglaos and juggletts".Butt have you ever  went to  one of their gatherings? If not than y judge them . They chant "family" at the show ,do you wonder y they say this .... It is because they are real close even tho they may not know eachother they all have the same thing in common . you can't hear them on the raido , you got to actualy look for them. So many people say there music is full of volince! But if you realy listen to them you would know that they are not tring to get you to do the things they rap about . the rhyms are actualy just some made up fantasythey say just for laughs .then agin they got songs that mean things to them like the song "mericals" .also the reason why they have so many problems because many people say that their music has stuff to deal with murders.For an example psyo sam called him self a juggalo butt he was arrested for  Killing of 4 People At A University In Virginia. The reason they say it is because he called himself a juggalo. In my personal oppion i think this underground group is awsome!!!!